Frequently Asked Questions


How to use the Barbienado Boost Chimney?

Using the Barbienado Boost Charcoal Chimney is easy! * Place on a stable, heatprrof aurface (such as on the BBQ grill) away from people and pets. * Pour in wood or briquette charcoal. * Place the electric starter in the feed tube and switch on (hint - use a coin to hold the switch on) * After bottom coals are lit (8-10 mins), pull the ligher out of the tube and point it in the top of the chimney for a minute or two to finish off lighting the coals at the top. (Do no immerse the lighter in coals at any time!!) * Pour lit coals into the grill and start cooking! * Place chimney somewhere safe while cooling off.

What kind of electric firelighter can be used with the Barbienado Chimney?

Most electric fire lighters will work with the Barbiando Boost Charcoal Chimney. The original Looftlighter will also work. The specifications are as follows: * Nozzle diameter 2" (50mm) * Power - around 2000 watts.

Does the Barbienado Boost work with both lump wood and briquettes?

Yes! you can use both types of charcoal with the chimney - briquette and lump wood.

Why is the Barbiandao Boost Chimney better than other lighters?

The Barbienado Boost lights charcoal using electricity. * There are no chemicals
* It is a convenient, hands free way to light charcoal
* It is faster than other lighting methods
* NO propance or gas needed
* Cheaper to operarate
* Lights charcoal from the bottom up - the way fires like to burn

What are the safety instructions?

* Do not use while unattended * Do not touch exterior metal surfaces while in use - they area really hot! * It is perfectly OK to leave the lighter switched on in the chimney side feed tube until the coals are lit - around 8-10 minutes. Check coals and continue lighting if necessary. * Do not swtich lighter on for extended periods of time as this may cause overheating. * Never immerse lighter in the coals as this will overheat and damage the lighter * Never leave lighter anywhere where it will get wet and pose an electrocution hazard * Always use on a heatproof sureface * Keep away from children, pets and flammable materials while using and cooling off.